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Push button XBEE code

//Push button example transmitter XBEE#includeNewSoftSerial xbeeSerial(4, 5);int buttonState = 0; void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);xbeeSerial.begin(9600); pinMode(2, INPUT);  // initialize the pushbutton pin as an input }void loop()

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Hall Sensor Breakout

DRV5023-Q1 Digital-Switch Hall Effect Sensor Breakout schematic How to connect to an Arduino Please visit the tinkeringtech Github repo for an Arduino test sketch, schematic and board

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Photoresistor XBEE code

//Photoresistor example transmitter XBEE#includeNewSoftSerial xbeeSerial(4, 5); void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);xbeeSerial.begin(9600);pinMode(2, INPUT);              //Assign pin2 as an output }void loop() {int analogdata

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Getting Started with the CellStickThe board comes pre-flashed with a test program. All you have to do is the following to run an out-of-box diagnostic:

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Ardupilot Mega kit

I assembled the Ardupilot Mega kit from in a couple of evenings. The soldering was not difficult, just had to take care in not applying too much heat

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Parrot AR Drone

This was a test of the Parrot AR drone using the ROS teleop package controlled from a PC running Ubuntu. The drone has a forward

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Arduino SD Logger Shield

I bought a SD card logger shield for my Arduino Duemilanove to be used on a project. The kit was ordered from Adafruit and was assembled without

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